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Mornings can be the most hectic time of the day. Between getting the kids (and yourself) dressed, feeding everyone a delicious breakfast casserole, and making sure the backpacks and lunches are properly packed, your little girl’s hairstyle often takes a backseat. Let’s be honest, some days it’s a miracle that it even gets brushed at all.

While some girls are perfectly content with a basic ponytail, there are many others who enjoy braids or next-level pigtails for a slightly more done-up look. Whether for school, birthday parties for girls, church, or even for a day of shopping, a neat, attention-getting hairstyle can make them feel truly special. And Mom (or Dad!), you’ll get a little satisfaction out of your best girl feeling as great as she looks.

cute cheerful girl showing a peace sign in denim overalls and a pink shirt
सुबह का समय सबसे व्यस्त समय हो सकता है। बच्चों को (और अपने आप को) कपड़े पहनने के बीच, सभी को खिलाना

Some of these styles are so simple you only need a minute or two (really!), especially if you’ve organized your bathroom for less-hectic mornings and those hair elastics are in their proper place. For other slightly more-involved styles, set aside a few extra minutes to pull off a look she’ll be proud of.

Browse these ideas for easy kids hairstyles for all ages, looks, and skill levels.

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